We will gladly give you advice regarding the choice and use of film equipment in person or via phone. What’s more, we offer a full portfolio of equipment so you don’t have to search for your needs anywhere else. Cameras, lenses, stands, sound, lights – everything available in one place. BioFilms, a film equipment rental service with everything you need in one place.

Lowest price guarantee

Have you found a cheaper competitor? Let us know and we will match the price after verification. In addition we'll give you a 10% extra discount on the verified items. Film crews and buddies must stick together ;-) ;-)


So you don’t have enough money, but you have an amazing project? Well, you are not the first one and we hear similar stories almost every week. Having said that, if you have something special to offer, let us know and we'll try to agree on a win-win solution (e.g. via making us visible in your credits, on youtube and on your web pages)

Credit transfers

MasterCard and Visa payment cards are accepted.

Make us familiar with your project

Unfortunately, equipment worth several hundred thousand CZK has been robbed from us a number of times since the company was set up. We have found that the Czech Republic's police and law courts are of little help in these situations. So, if you are a new customer, do let us know who sends you, which film school you come from, which production you work with or for whom you create your audiovisual piece of art. This kind of information will let us know that you are from the art industry and we won’t have to be afraid that we'll never get our rented equipment back. Moreover, by doing this, you may avoid the need to provide a guarantee (e.g. through a security deposit, advance payment or bill of exchange). .

Discounts for new customers

When renting our equipment for the first time, you will get a 10% discount (do not forget to remind us – make a note about the required discount in the additional information box when making your online order). Similarly, if your film crew finds a better price, let us know. Biofilms film buddies are here for you!

Discounts for students

Are you a student of one of the Czech film schools like FAMU, FAMO, Film School Zlín or Jihlava? Then you always have a 10% discount (do not forget to mention it in the additional information box while ordering). Young filmmakers have to help each other :-) :-)

We are available 24 hours a day

We are available 24 hours a day for you. However, we do need some free time as well. That’s why our rental studio is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. We are not just a film crew – we are film buddies, so outside business hours, we will always enthusiastically pick up the phone, regardless of if we are sleepy or drunk, and we will meet your wishes or deal with your order. If you need to pick up the equipment up or return it outside the business hours, it is not a problem, when arranged in advance we can use our 24-hour night safe to make it happen..

More information

Our focus at BioFilms is on customer satisfaction, it is essential for us.